Memories of people, places and birds

from over the past 25 (or 30! or even 40!) years

We've been together as a Society since 1974, in fact for some people it's longer than that, as for two years before the first meeting most founder members got to know each other during the W.E.A. night classes that began in the Winter of 1972. On this page I hope to provide space for any recollections members may have from the early years, these may take the form of articles, photos or even entries from people's notebooks etc. It may go some way to assure those who were undecided at the time that their decision not to join was the correct one!!!

1974 - An article by our first President, Bill Mulligan about "Bird Wood" and the lay-by at the bottom end of the Tatton Mile 
 1983 - The ultimate challenge for Knutsford Birders, this has been attempted on a number of occasions - it is possible! - Garry Healy reached 90, the prize is still available!!
 1977 The voice of Eric Hardy. Memories of a great naturalist.
 1974 and Bill Mulligan again Out at Sandbach Flashes twitching Avocets
 Mulligan again - eagerly awaiting the spring of 1974
 Kevin Hughes in the Wilmslow & Alderley Advertiser 1973

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