Some Locally Taken Bird Photos
As we're an Ornithological Society I thought some bird images wouldn't go amiss - all taken locally, mostly in the 70's by an ex-colleague from work who probably wouldn't do quite so much "gardening" nowadays!

Little OwlLittle Owl that nested for many years in an Oak tree - Fox Harbour, Mobberley Dunnock & Cuckoo
A Dunnock struggling to keep up with the demands of a young Cuckoo - Fox Harbour
Bullfinches & yong pair of Bullfinches with young in Blackthorn - Mobberley Kingfisher
Kingfisher - Birkin Brook, Mobberley
Reed Bunting, the archetypal bird of our Cheshire marl pits
Song Thrushes
Pair of Song thrushes with young - Mobberley
NightjarA Nightjar on eggs - Risley Moss c. 1974
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