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I've had a good response to my request for news, sightings, new webcams etc.
What I'm thinking of doing, during the current crisis, is summarizing them in a regular (daily if appropriate) email and circulate in the evening it to all those on the website update email list (about 80 people - not all KOS members) Otherwise I might get a bit overwhelmed when I have to do the regular "Latest News" update!
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Thursday 26 March 2020
A good one to begin with from Roger Barnes - An Osprey over the South end of Tatton this morning - (just the right time of year Roger) 
From Alan Booth - Knutsford Moor - While this lasts I am restricting my birding to the above area. Today 3 dabchick 2 greylags and 3 chiffchaff in addition to the ever present species.
From Bob Groom - Moss Lane/Old Road - 3 Buzzards circling over Tabley Church. A 7 nest Rookery in the Vicarage grounds. Stock Dove, Lapwings, Heron, Kestrel. Lots of House Sparrows near the farm.
From Derek and Jean - Bob’s Patch by foot. We had a walk around Bob’s Patch pm today parked at Tabley Church, along B 5569 (old A 556) towards Ibis and subsequently turning left onto Swains Walk( not how I remembered it) and Tabley Road, Green Lane, Moss Lane Highlight was a Chiffchaff seen and heard near junction of Green Lane and Moss Lane several Buzzards extremely close views of Rooks near to Tabley Church also plenty of people walking jogging cycling.
Info for your page Tony 3 rare birds in our garden this morning Starlings. I think they were after leatherjackets in new piece of lawn.
From Steve Barber - two excellent new webcams. Following your latest ‘Latest News’ feature on the KOS website here are a couple of my favourite birdy webcams:   also features some interesting sea conditions at times. this is a bit hit and miss but can be good at times.

From Tatton Ranger Darren Morris - Bit of an update from Tatton: I am in work at the moment as we are going in to feed the deer and sheep and check on their welfare.
I had time today to scan the mere. 12 pairs of grebes on Tatton mere and they were all very vocal and displaying.
Goldeneye still in good numbers and plenty of fieldfares on the move. A kingfisher was at the Allen Hide too. Two ravens calling are enjoying the thermals over Knutsford gate and a Sparrowhawk  soaring over the mansion too.
Brimstone and peacocks seen for the past two days too.
The heronry is very active so and they look to be feeding young in their nests. 

Wednesday 25th March 2020 -

From Geoff and Sheila Blamire - The Buzzards over the house were very vocal this morning, which included a very low Buzzard only just clearing the roof. Peacock and Small Tortoiseshell in the garden and the winter heathers were ‘covered’ in bees – mixture of species, including the ‘giant’ Buff-tailed Bumblebee. After spending the morning gardening, we did our exercise walk this afternoon – 6.5km which included passing 2 letter boxes to start posting out March Bird News!!!!  Forgot to tell you yesterday that I saw the male Reed Bunting – not on the feeders but at the back of the pond coming to drink.

Bob Groom on his Tabley patch - Walked the Bridleway, getting my vitamin D in good measure. At least 10 Buzzards were soaring up in the blue with the 360 degree view one gets there. Not a lot of other birds around, Lapwing, Rooks from the nearby Rookery, Pied Wagtail at the manure heap, where in a month or so's time I hope to see the yellow ones as there are several potato fields around the track. A Peacock Butterfly sunbathed on hawthorn blossom, which seems early this year.  Bob

From Wendy Stratford just down the road from us on Smith Lane - Hi Tony,

Saw lapwings displaying over the usual Smith Lane fields and on the ground at the weekend. Not sure what’s happening agriculturally with the lane-side field, but hopefully they might not be disturbed this year?