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Saturday 28th March 2020

The temperature only got as high as 11C today and it felt even colder with a brisk northerly wind.

We had a singing Goldcrest in the garden this morning (actually in a neighbour's conifer, where they nest every year)
I walked down the length of Pavement Lane as far as the confluence between Pedley and Marthall brooks. Just one singing Chiffchaff but a pair of Mandarins flew over. They have nested near Pedley Brook in the past.
Ron Conroy had a good record from the house early this morning - Hi Tony  just spotted a Curlew from my lounge window foraging in the grass 25yards into Smith Field , Smith Lane.
They once nested on that huge field, so you never know - but I don't think we should hold our breath!
Alan Booth was on Knutsford Moor this morning - Oystercatcher over. Comma, Brimstone, Peacock all at top of moor by bridge. most common and vocal birds. nuthatch and chiffchaff.  (you'll soon be hearing Reed & Sedge Warblers Alan!)
Derek Pike seems to have kept to the garden but he sent Jean on a recce. down Sudlow Lane. Today - Jean - Chiffchaffs singing down the lane near the nearly deserted M6. As I came out of shed and I could hear Rooks making a racket. where are they? Then it dawned on me, the M6 was so quiet I could hear the rookery or birds not far from it!
From Geoff and Sheila Blamire in Mere  -.............  Anyway, over the back garden this afternoon, 2 Ravens flew slowing over  – quite a treat. Not such a treat was that our male Sparrowhawk seems to self-isolating in our garden taking so many small birds – latest was a Dunnock. There’s a branch in our old Magnolia tree which he uses as plucking perch, with so many feathers to prove the point. Occasionally we see a female Sparrowhawk. Not sure if they are a pair. Time will tell?
Finally Jill Thornley (founder member of the KOS) has been in touch from far away Cumbria!
Dear Tony it's lovely to hear what you are all doing, so I offer my perspective which you can chop edit or whatever you want.
Our pair of owls are breeding. The subtle changes in their behaviour have become obvious to me over the last few years.  Having said that, I never found the nest site last year and don't know exactly this year.  There is a lot of noise in January between the pair , then he is more dominant and calling on territory. A few days ago ,which sounds about right, he was making his contact call across the garden during the day ,particularly early afternoon. Though maybe that is the time I am around. I believe she should be sitting now so hoping for another successful year.
In the evening the blackbirds kick up a fuss ,but sometimes in can be a local buzzard causing the problem so will not look in earnest for them until the young leave the nest in May.  When this happens we get lots of views of them flopping about in the branches at dusk.

Thanks Tony for keeping everyone in touch and hope you all keep safe and well.
Best wishes..............Jill
Thanks to all contributors - keep them coming!