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I've put a new webpage on that will contain links to copies of these emails, so they're saved for posterity. Future historians won't believe it!
Karina Stanley enjoyed an uplifting moment this morning as she drove to work at the Christie hospital.
Having safely negotiated the slalom of pheasant along the Back Lane, there by the farm, in the sky and on the wire- swallows! Hoorah!
.......... Karina.

I headed north this morning rather than in the usual southerly direction. Down Smith Lane to its junction with Slade Lane, before going west across the railway as far as Broad Oak Farm and back home along the main road. Only 2 vehicles went by on Smith Lane and not a single aircraft took off or landed all the time I was out!

3 roadside pits held breeding Moorhens, loads of Chiffchaffs and my first singing Blackcap. Lapwings displayed at 2 locations and I inadvertently put up a Curlew from a muddy pool. The bird flew away towards the Pennines calling loudly.
More people have complained to the council (East Cheshire CC and Mobberley PC) regarding the illegal blocking of the public footpath at Rusty Car Farm. They seem to have no interest in the matter. One lady I know from Knutsford, having broken through the barriers, flagged down a police car as she walked home. The occupants knew of the matter and thought it was an acceptable thing for the owner to do.
Two attachments to this email #1 Bill Bellamy's quarterly review of Rostherne Mere sightings during the first three months of the year. #2 The results of the Rostherne 2019 CBC(Common Bird Census) compiled by Steve Barber. Both interesting reading.

In an email from well south of Stoke ex-KOS member Monty Greenhalgh wonders if the dramatic decrease in traffic will lead to a corresponding decline in Blackbird mortality rates.

The usual sort and succinct report from Jude Halman!
Garden coal tit, brimstone. Heath Ladies Mile nuthatch. Behind Fryers Chiffchaff, Song Thrush and a vulture - although this was in the Birds of Prey Centre.

Great to hear from Richard Aubery, amongst Manchester's dark, satanic mills!
Thanks for creating the news feed Tony. It's my way of staying in touch and I'll be back to an outdoor meeting when they start again. I do need to pay my subs for the year. Happy to post them in if necessary. Here's my news:

Different challenge for me than for most of you KOS country folk! I have a local walk in Stretford that includes Longford Park, Turn Moss, Stretford Ees and Stretford Meadows [aka the old tip]. So far Nuthatches galore, Great Spotted Woodpeckers, Chiffchaffs, Blackcap, Willow Warbler, Snipe, Reed Buntings, Heron and Cormorant , Kestrel and Sparrowhawk . Stretford Meadows is good for warblers including Grasshopper so will keep listening out.
Also I keep a look out for wildlife on my cycle rides to Dunham, Lymm area. Yellowhammer on a hedge yesterday and lots of skylarks in song. Stopped for a quick look on Carrington Moss and on the ploughed fields opposite United's training ground found a flock of Ringed Plover. Other highlight was Cheshire Wildlife Trust Hogswood  Covert which had a carpet of Wood Anemone with Celandine and Wood Sorrel.
A few months ahead of being a Z Cub [zero carbon urban birder]

Richard Aubery

A short report from Bob Groom today.
Swallow over Moss Corner Cottage, where Chiffchaff singing. Also Fieldfare, Linnet, usual Buzzards, Kestrel, Stock Doves..

A first Willow Warbler for Gill and Steve Barber over in Marton.

Hi Tony,

Gill & I are really enjoying the evening summaries you are circulating - thank you! 

We walked east of the village this morning.  The habitat here very much favours warblers compared to the area west of the A34. We were delighted to hear our first Willow Warbler of the year.  The area from which it sang was out of bounds but we stood listening to it for several minutes.  Chiffchaffs were widespread but no singing Blackcaps yet.  Otherwise the highlight of the day was viewed from our garden  - a Kestrel buzzing between two Buzzards apparently torn between which one to mob.  We checked the sky around several farms without seeing a Swallow. 

Cheers Steve

Darren Morris is still keeping his eye on the birds while working in Tatton! 

Over on the tenant farmland the farmer is busy ploughing and sowing after leaving the land as stubble over winter due to the wet conditions. I didn't notice an increase in birds that could have benefitted though. In this area today two shelduck though.
Three shoveler on Tatton Mere with two oystercatchers flying over along with a lone sand martin.
Above Tatton Mere Covert a sparrowhawk glided past.
I quietly watched as a fox passed me along the edge of the mere, unaware of my presence and getting used to no visitors, it stalked the backside vegetation. Then pausing cat-like, pounced into some rushes startling a reed bunting which escaped.

Finally a late entry from Alan Booth on Knutsford Moor.

Hi Tony

Today another new warbler. A Blackcap seen and heard, a little later than usual.

Just waiting for Reed, Sedge and Whitethroat.

Not expecting Cetti's but in view of ringing recoveries one never knows


Thanks everyone keep looking and keep smiling. 

Tony Usher.