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Tuesday 7th April 2020
I didn't do much today as I was mowing the lawns at No.14 and also Mel's next door (she's kindly doing our shopping for us!). I did go down to Mobberley SQ after tea though. A Blackcap was new but I'm expecting the first Common Whitethroats soon, as they love the banks of thick bramble.
I've just finished this update and through the window I can see bats flying around. Tiny things (pipistrelle?). 

Len Mason phoned me this morning from Pavement Lane. Next to the phone mast, looking west over the horse paddock. He was watching a male Wheatear - top bird : top birder!

Wendy Stratford went in search of Fox Harbour. I'm not convinced she found it but she did find the first Yellow Wagtail of the year!!
What a glorious day! I've walked a big loop through the fields today, including the field lake that I think must be Fox Harbour. Goldfinches everywhere, flitting around in small groups. Saw my first 3 swallows cavorting over Pavement Lane - delightful! 2 linnets perched on the hedge top in Gleavehouse Lane. Buzzards in sight most of the time, but very high up, making the most of the weather. About 6 lapwings displaying and calling over the fields to the east of the Rusty Car place. At the field lake there were 2 oystercatchers (they were there last week as well) and 5 tufted duck (3 males and 2 females). But best of all, a male yellow wagtail on the path side of the lake.
The nuthatches are still making improvements to the nest box - one banging away with a beak full of mud, the other watching from the hedge.

Not one but two emails today from Jude Halman. All from her garden and it's not very big!
Good morning Tony, Its a very pleasant day here in Knutsford, I have been busy painting my Arbour purple and cream, and the walls a lovely 
soft cream colour, The Hosta is growing well. An Orange tip butterfly male just fluttered past , Blackbird agitated by something.I could go on with all the other wild life but must get back to work.............Jude
Hi Tony,  Sparrowhawk just flew over St Johns Avenue.  Phew great excitement.

David Cogger was down on the Moor again yesterday.
The usual culprits on the Moor at 1.30 today( Monday), plus a pair of Grey Lags and Nuthatch calling by the railway.

Bob Groom was down there today and didn't do at all badly.
A walk on Knutsford Moor was really rewarding. 2 handsome Song Thrushes foraging on the path, their warm brown plumage glowing in the strong light;  with a little perseverance got close views of a singing Blackcap, no doubt the same bird that Alan Booth recorded recently; at least 3 Chiffchaffs singing; 2 sightings of a Jay;
female Grey Wagtail preening in the sunshine; many very vocal Nuthatches; Wrens and Robins singing loudly:
Swallow over the Moor Pool with Buzzard and Sparrowhawk above; male Reed Bunting; single Great Crested Grebe.  A pair of Sparrowhawks circled and the female dropped down, presumably in hunting mode. More Buzzards  appeared, over Tatton. 2+ 2 Long-Tailed Tits. Comma, Peacock, Brimstone and Small White Butterflies.

Jill Thornley's garden is probably bigger than most and continues to attract plenty of wildlife.
I managed to disturb the female sparrowhawk on my evening stroll around last night.  Today while gardening the nuthatch was making a lot of noise. It's chosen nest site is a perfect hole in the turkey oak which has used on a number of occasions over the years.
The chiffchaff has been singing most of the day and just as I think the blackcap has moved on it has started up again this evening. Voles still busy and Roger has discovered another pair by the washing line stump. Pleased to see the tree bumble bees on the rosemary flowers today. I know they are partial to rhododendron later on.  They are welcome to use a nest box.
Hope everyone enjoyed their exercise in ever improving conditions.   Best wishes.  Jill

Two reports for the price of one from Geoff and Sheila Blamire.

Mon 6th April

Garden's trail camera: a tremendous flight between 4 male Blackbirds at 6am on the lawn. Still got 1, or possibly 2 hedgehogs and 2+ woodmice at any one time.

Swains's Way walk: on Moss Lane (Warrington Road end) flock of 20+ Fieldfares; no sign of Yellowhammer on Swain's Way; opposite Moss Cottage Treecreeper singing; then W'ton Road end of Moss Lane 50+ Fieldfares, in a recently harrowed field, with more arriving! 

Tuesday 7th April

Garden: female Blackbird having a bath in an old galvanised milk jug - obviously full up to the brim with water!.

Rostherne walk: Ciceley Mill Farm 2 Swallows; Cicely angling pond Little Grebe trilling; The Swan end of Mereside Road Blackcap heard and seen; further up on Mereside Road up to 10 Rook nests making a real racket!!!

[ Ciceley Mill is a great little spot. I see the local Rostherne vigilantes have taken it upon themselves to close the public footpath that runs along the top of Rostherne Mere. Illegal of course and against government directions on the matter.... Tony ]

Tony Usher.