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Sunday 26th April 2020
I had a day at home today and never ventured outside the front gate! I spent some time on the decking at the back of the house - head back, gazing skyward but only as Olwen took the scissors to my unkempt beard which had been left to its own devices for the past 6 weeks. She did a good job too, we'll perhaps be able to save some money in future!
It looks as though I wasn't the only one taking a breather, just three four more reports tonight.

Two days in one from Geoff and Sheila in Mere.
Saturday 25th April

We spent the morning doing "chores". While I was cleaning the pvc windows and doors on the back I was accompanied by a Goldcrest singing. Afternoon we did our 7km Swain's Walk. It was very quiet, which just the odd Chiffchaff and Blackcap and other 'usual' species singing. Along Moss Lane there's an unusual nest (see the photo) - but still haven't see the owner - probably a Blue Tit J 

Sunday 26th April

Different tack today - doing the Swain's Walk this morning. The dawn chorus (actually 9.30am!) from the Moss Lane woods was brilliant:

Chiffchaff, Blackcap, Song Thrush, Wren, Blackbird, Chaffinch, Blue and Great Tit, etc etc. No Willow Warbler which is disappointing. The ponds next door and opposite Corner Cottage had their nesting Moorhens. We decided to follow the footpath to the Gauntlet Centre and to see whether we add to a 'dodgy' list! We added: Snowy Owl, Marabou Stork, Pink-backed Pelican, African Fish Eagle, and Steller's Eagle (we'll have to go back to see whether I was mistaken)! Phew..... 

Cheers.....Sheila and Geoff


Alan Booth adds another one to his list, with more to come.

Another new warbler this morning. A very showy Garden warbler watched for a good 2 minutes which makes a change for this species.
up to 43 species now .this is not bad for a small patch with no winter birds or as yet hirundines.

Bob Groom walked down to the Moor and also note the absence of hirundines.
To beat the 'rush' and with the weather forecast to change I made an early start this morning and visited Knutsford Moor. It was already rather busy, but with people rather than birds. Got good views of a Whitethroat singing from brambles. Also usual Blackcaps and Chiffchaffs. Alan's Reed Warbler was in good voice. The highlight was a lovely Song Thrush, one of my favourite British birds, foraging on the grass with Robin, Blackbirds etc a few feet away. Despite long looking over the Moor Pool towards Tatton, no swifts appeared, even worse not a single hirundine was seen. Warm, sunny and still it was ideal for rising insects but only Starlings were up there flycatching. A Greylag Goose made a lot of noise as the male Mute Swan endlessly chased it round the pool.
There wasn't even a single buzzard to give some raptor interest. I came away more than a little disappointed.

Wendy Stratford makes it, just before I pressed send!

Hi Tony,

Warm and sultry - could easily have been in southern Europe! Walked around runway 2 today - good start when I left our drive and a blackcap was singing in the oak on the other side of the road. Then stopped at the lapwing field and a wheatear was walking around on the hard mud at the entrance! There were 4 lapwings on the ground, none in the air. Chiffchaffs, robins and goldfinches all the way up Slade Lane and along Hobcroft and on the footpath. On Hobcroft there were 3 jackdaws collecting nesting material from the back of a skewbald pony! Between crash gate 10 and 11 heard another blackcap, and fairly sure I saw a whitethroat (not singing). There weren't too many people around, except near the tunnel. Looked for the kingfisher but no sign. Back along the south side of the runway there were skylarks over the runway, and birds singing everywhere. Only 3 planes took off the whole time I was out, which makes it so peaceful - the bird song stands out beautifully. 



Thanks Wendy - that's a good walk on a warm day!

I've put a new webpage on that will contain links to copies of these emails, so they're saved for posterity. Future historians won't believe it! 
Tony Usher.