The 2001 Great KOS Sand Martin Challenge!!!

For the Birdwatcher each Season has its own particular attractions but few can deny that the arrival of the first migrants of the Summer during March is the most exciting..

For us here in the North-west of England the first Sand Martintrue migrant to return is the Sand Martin (riparia riparia), a member of the Swallow family that winters in Africa and can be found hawking for insects over the Cheshire meres from early March. There is much rivalry amongst local birders out to claim the first bird for "their" local patch, Tatton is normally among the most favoured locations and a list of first dates for the past few years is shown below.

All you have to do is to use your skill and judgement to predict what date the first Sand Martin will return to Tatton this year!!

The closing date is 24th. February 2001 - but remember one bird was reported from nearby Rostherne Mere on 23rd. February last year - so it might be an idea to enter ASAP. The actual time of day will be used in the event of a tie!

Only one entry per person please - anyone cheating will be hung upside down over a picture of Margaret Thatcher!

A prize will be awarded to the winner, nothing special - but remember it's the taking part that counts!

First Records since 1989
1989 8th. March
1990 13th. March
1991 13th. March
1992 14th. March
1993 13th. March
1994 12th. March
1995 11th. March
1996 20th. March
1997 11th. March
1998 19th. March
1999 13th. March
2000 10th. March

So those are the records for the past 12 years, but what will it be in 2001? Fill out the form below and make a name for youself!

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Click on submit when you have completed the form - an acknowledement will be returned.

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