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This Knutsford Ornithological Society Website has gradually evolved since it first saw the light of cyberspace in 1995, in those days there were very few other birding sites around on the internet, now there are thousands from all over the World! A site of the weekOn this page we can perhaps save you some time by bringing some of the "better" sites to your attention - we have some candidates lined up already, but if you know of any you would like to share with other people please let us know about it by email. We are not specifying any criteria, what appeals to one person may not impress another, sites can come from anywhere not just the UK, it would be interesting of course to know why you think it's special - content, usefulness, design features, images, sounds etc. - perhaps it's your own and having spent so much time and effort on it's creation you would like to increment the visitor counter a little faster! - whatever - please let us know!

The site of the Week - No. 19

Wildlife Photographic Journals

Richard Steel's excellent Photographic blog, filled with top class images from home and abroad!

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