video birds
Disclaimer - This is an experiment!
taken with a Panasonic digital video camera fitted with a 10X optical zoom. converted to .mov format on an Apple computer by Geoff Blamire. They are BIG files and more suited to folks with a broadband connection and appear to need a "Quicktime Player"

1. Little Stint Hilbre Island, August 2003
This bird was roosting a few yards from us with Dunlin, Sanderling & Ringed Plover. Its small size is apparent and the prominent white stripes on its back, forming an inverted V can be clearly seen. click to download (440kb)

2. Purple Sandpiper Hilbre Island August 2003
This looked quite big in the viewfinder - although it looks like a pipit or wagtail I can assure you it was a Purple Sandpiper! click to download 1.5Mb
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